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Demonizing People

For the last several years, people of faith are said to be intolerant, bigoted, homophobic and racist just to name a few. It is portrayed that the hate-filled Westboro Baptist Church is like the typical person of faith. Some people … Continue reading

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A Biblical World View & Sin

Sin, as a word is largely misunderstood by our culture. There are at least three broad connotations of the word from a biblical reference point. I have been thinking about this since my last series of posts on the Boy … Continue reading

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Colliding World Views

Throughout the history of the world there have been world views that were dominant in a certain culture. The majority of the people, educators, etc. held to the major tenants of the view. Unknown to many is that in the … Continue reading

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More Controversy: Blending World Views

I want to continue my thoughts on why so much controversy in our country and world is based on our differing world views and presuppositions. We looked briefly at a Biblical Christian’s World View and a Secular World View, now … Continue reading

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Follow-up to the Last Post on Tolerance

I believe in many ways our country’s idea of freedom is based on the way God treats us. God, all-powerful, all-knowing¬†and present everywhere at the same time does not coerce anyone to believe in Him or follow Him. His Word … Continue reading

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