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Gay Marriage, Confederate Flag Ponderings

On a motorcycle ride down the Gulf Coast this morning, I was pondering the national news events of the past week. Here is the conclusion I came to for me. I am a Christian who believes the Bible is the … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty, Powder Keg for the Cultural Revolution!

I think America may finally be waking up! The removal of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty by A & E has lit the fuse on the cultural revolution in America. Hard working, law-abiding, God-fearing, and traditional valued Americans, which is … Continue reading

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More Controversy: Blending World Views

I want to continue my thoughts on why so much controversy in our country and world is based on our differing world views and presuppositions. We looked briefly at a Biblical Christian’s World View and a Secular World View, now … Continue reading

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Follow-up to the Last Post on Tolerance

I believe in many ways our country’s idea of freedom is based on the way God treats us. God, all-powerful, all-knowing¬†and present everywhere at the same time does not coerce anyone to believe in Him or follow Him. His Word … Continue reading

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