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Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for and yet during the year I often finding myself not very content. I can’t believe how quickly I have found myself to be 57 years old. In my head, I … Continue reading

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So Why Do I Feel The Way I Do About Multi Level Marketing?

My blog on Multi Level Sales created a little ruckus, which is fine with me. I have actually been approached several times within the last month for a variety of these “opportunities.” It is kind of interesting working in the … Continue reading

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Multi-Level Sales

I remember thirty + years ago, being in a grocery store and having a really friendly stranger strike up a conversation with me. My family would tell you the only thing funny about that is that it wasn’t me intiating … Continue reading

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In my last post, I wrote about three relational ingredients to gain satisfaction in life, coactivity, distance and intimacy. I shared this information in a talk to a group of men. Several men looked at me and talked to me … Continue reading

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Relationship Balance

There are things I have read over the years that “stuck.” One such thing was in a book on marriage counseling I read years and years ago. The book was titled simply, “Marriage Counseling.” The author is a man named … Continue reading

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The Penn State Scandal and our CYA Society

Happy Valley isn’t so happy this morning. As a society, we will all look in with very few facts at our disposal and make judgments. I am writing as one who exercised poor decisions as a senior leader that ultimately … Continue reading

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