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I Had A Dream!

Two nights ago, I had a vivid, clear, movie like dream. My wife of 43 years had been out somewhere and was mugged. A young, strapping, 19-year old,¬†named Colby, fought off her attackers and saved her. The first scene of … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Marriage: The Crucible for Growth

It is amazing how when two very flawed people come together in marriage, most expect the perfect marriage to be the result. At minimum, most expect to be happier together than¬†they were by themselves. Analyzing those statements reveals our expectation … Continue reading

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Harmony of the Senses in Decision Making!

At the end of 2014, I began in Genesis 1 reading the Bible with a two-pronged prayer. Lord, I want to know you better and I want you to show me things I need to learn. He has been taking … Continue reading

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The Number 1 Killer of Marriages

Our life group has been studying a book by David Clark, “Married but Lonely.” Almost no one in the group liked the writer’s approach, but it has opened some major conversation. Through the semester and gathering on all my past … Continue reading

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