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You Spot it; You Got it!

Several years ago, a friend taught me this little slogan, “If you spot it; you got it.” He said, one of the best ways to grow as a person is to observe what bugs you in other people. The things … Continue reading

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Education Vs. Indoctrination

Thinking about the current election and the obvious division in our country┬áhas me pondering higher education. The truth is all higher education has two purposes. The first is to educate a person in a specific skill set to be able … Continue reading

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A Gunner’s View of a Bombing

An entry my Dad wrote in 1944. Mission to Campina, Rumania We took off on our mission early in the morning and were told our mission was to Campina, 19 miles north of the Ploesti Oil Refineries and that there … Continue reading

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Freedom’s Price Tag

Having been 18 years old, one time, then having three children who were 18, thinking about the men and women who make the courageous choice to serve in our military is humbling. Most enlist as young people, with their entire … Continue reading

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