Eye Opening

A couple of weeks ago I read the charter of Hamas. One of their main purposes is to destroy anyone who disagrees with them. Kill Israel, Christians and even other Muslims who don’t see the world they do. A Scripture came to my mind found in John 10:10. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy!

Satan is like Hamas or Hamas is like Satan. His purpose is to steal, kill and destroy all of us. He wants to steal your joy, your relationships, your money and to see you suffer. Ultimately, he wants all people dead before they can know Jesus Christ. In the flip of a Scripture, Satan is not slack concerning what he wants to do but rather he is patient not willing that any should live but that all would come to destruction. How does Satan and Hamas accomplish this?

They create a culture of death. Children are brain washed to believe stealing, killing and death is the way of life. Scripture calls this the world system. It is a culture that steals truth, blinds people to believe all kinds of lies about what life is. Once a culture is saturated, people just grow up in the culture and don’t realize it is all wrong. We drift with the current as if floating downstream. It feels normal to us. Satan blinds our minds by empty philosophy and corrupt world views that remove God or any thought of Him from us. It is a culture that steals life.

We all have “A little Hamas” inside of us. The Bible calls it a sinful nature or our flesh. We self-sabotage by chasing all the base things the world system offers us. It keeps us blind so we don’t see this life isn’t the best world, rather it is a sifting time, the best way to the best possible world.

God counters all this by offering himself. Surrender to Jesus Christ as Savior brings true life and blessing that counters all the above. The gospel light shines in and opens our minds to see the truth of what is going on. The Christian is a pilgrim in this world. The Spirit lives in us and gives us strength to defeat our sinful impulses.

It is pretty black and white. The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus wants to give life and that more fully. One leads to endless death, the other endless life. One floats downstream; the other swims against the current. This life is a sifting time for all to choose. Think on this!



About Scott Ranck

Enjoying life with my wife Gayle and our Yorkie, Zoe boy. I've come to believe life begins when through brokenness I can embrace it fully and openly. I've learned the human drama is an adventure and all of us are made of the same stuff. The Lord is the only being who knows me fully and he has an individual educational plan of life long learning for me and I'm enrolled. This blog is all about what I'm learning.
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3 Responses to Eye Opening

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said!!!

  2. Gayle says:

    Well said Babe!

  3. segalegirls says:

    So true.

    In Hoc Signo Vinces,

    Daniel J. Segale 813-785-6879 Live, Laugh, Love

    Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:54:27 +0000 To: dansegale@gmail.com

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