One Nation Under God?

The last month has been quite eventful on the political scene. Hearing Hillary Clinton testify before congress with her pseudo anger and  theatrical “What difference does it make,” to watching the smoke and mirror antics of the administration and chief press puppet, Jay Carney over the IRS scandal and all the other stuff going on is sad.

Obama doesn’t know about any of these things happening under his watch, so that makes him not culpable. He knows more about his golf game than anything happening in the world it seems.

So, I’m reminded a few years back it was the Bush administration scrambling. The media and everyone jumping on the band wagon to find whatever they could. No one believing what was being sent out.

Before that we have a president having sex in the oval office and lying to us on national TV who is now still a big player in the party. Both Clinton’s have no business in political life, they should go retire in the country somewhere never to be seen or heard from again.

Really, are we the people willing to fight among ourselves for these people who we will likely never meet and who apparently care very little about any of us? I say, pray for them! Pray justice will be done. Pray anyone who shouldn’t be in office will be removed.  Pray that our beliefs and actions as a nation will be such that we will deserve and demand better. My fear is right now our leaders are simply a reflection of what we have become as a society, divided, deceptive, entitled and self-serving.

I’m tired of democrat and republican spin doctors. I’m tired of knowing anytime a politician’s lips are moving they are scheming, lying and looking out for their own reelection. I’m tired of giving up my right to free speech because it offends someone. I’m tired of political correctness. I’m tired of a very small percentage of people being able to take away the rights of the majority. And I’m damn tired of the government’s out of control spending of my money while living large themselves.

The country is going crazy! We are living in a time where we call evil good and good evil! Some racist politician had the audacity to call the Tea Party worse than extreme Muslims! What? I’m not a tea party person but there had never been an arrest at a tea party event and extreme Muslims kill people! To the liberal democrat there is total intolerance for anyone who opposes their views.

The Boy Scouts are voting this week whether to allow homosexuals to be scout leaders. It is like we have had our brains removed as a society! The ACLU and all these groups are destroying our country. Let me ask you liberal or conservative. Are you sending your boys to campout with a homosexual scout leader? If you would, the next paragraph refers to you!

Someone told me a long time ago we are a product of our education. Liberalism has taken over our schools a few decades ago and we are now living with the result. A bunch of erudite but ignorant people.

To me it is a sad time in America!



About Scott Ranck

Enjoying life with my wife Gayle and our Yorkie, Zoe boy. I've come to believe life begins when through brokenness I can embrace it fully and openly. I've learned the human drama is an adventure and all of us are made of the same stuff. The Lord is the only being who knows me fully and he has an individual educational plan of life long learning for me and I'm enrolled. This blog is all about what I'm learning.
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  1. Gayle says:

    Well said Babe!

  2. Anonymous says:


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